Broste Deicing Salt

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Broste has created a white deicing salt that won’t leave a reddish stain on floors or walkways like traditional gritting salt. It is perfect to use on driveways and footpaths to make it safer for you and your visitors in winter.

Rock salt formulated it is a favourite deicing salt for home owners because of it’s long lasting 25kg bags.  For particularly cold spells you’ll want to use around 40 grams per square meter.  This bag will cover at least 60 square meters even during our coldest days.  When a light frost is forecast the average is just 10 – 15 grams per square meter so your salt will go even further.

Salt is most effective when spreading before the snow or ice appears.  When the evening weather forecast says to expect ice that’s a good time to do a quick grit.

Deicing salt has a long use by date so you can safely order that little extra knowing you’ll be well stocked for the next cold snap.  Check met office ice warnings near you here.  We offer deliveries in packs of 10+ to keep you fully stocked throughout winter.  People often store gritting salt in the garage.  You’ll only need a small floor area (about the size of a doormat) as these bags stack well.


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