Minimax M2 by Harveys


  • Suitable for medium and large households
  • Non-electric operation
  • Twin-cylinder design
  • Easy to handle block salt

The Minimax M2’s sleek and modern design offers efficiency with no electric components and twin cylinders to supply soft water 24/7. When one cylinder is in regeneration mode, the other will take over automatically, and both cylinders will allow for higher peak flow rates.

The meter in the system is very accurate and can even measure a dripping tap and water flow of up to 55 litres a minute. Instead of having to carry and store a large bag of salt, the Minimax M2 uses block salt that is easy to lift and move. The average household will need a block of salt per person, per month.

There will be no need to have an electrician help with the setup, due to the Minimax being powered by the flow of water. You won’t need to adjust the time when the clocks go forward or when a power cut happens. No more complicated programming or electrical faults. The Minimax M2 is simple and easy to use.

Additional information

Dimensions 44.5 × 20.6 × 49 cm

55 litres

Salt type

Block salt


Harvey Water Softeners began when Harvey Bowden moved to Surrey, which is known for its hard water. They bought an oversized water softener but didn’t actually install it for some time, but once they did, Harvey realised it could change the water. Soon he started selling water softeners and helped to design a softener that could fit underneath the sink easily. Now, Harveys continues to supply UK households with water softeners to help benefit people’s everyday lives.