Kinetico Essential Water Softener


  • Suitable for 2 bathrooms
  • Non-electric operation
  • Fits easily under the sink

The Essential Water Softener by Kinetico is a great-value, none-electric softener that is extremely easy to install and economical to run. This small and compact softener uses a single tank system to deliver soft way the majority of the time. It is only interrupted during a brief regeneration process.

It has been designed and manufactured to exceed the water flow rates that are typically used by demanding households in today’s society. No electricity means the water softener is powered by the water moving through it. This makes it more reliable and easier to install. No more power cables to plug into a socket, no timers or meters to set and no electronic components that can erode over time. Say no to more electricity costs with the Kinetico Essential Water Softener.

When it comes to regeneration, this water softener uses a meter to determine when the best time is to regenerate. There will be less waste and even more savings. It only regenerates when it needs to, so when you go on holiday, your water softener does as well. When the regeneration takes place, the patented countercurrent backwash regenerates from the bottom up. This allows for a more even ad efficient use of the resin inside the softener.

Additional information

Dimensions 49.8 × 29.3 × 50.6 cm

25 litres

Salt type

Tablet salt


Kinetico aims to make life better with better water and are always looking to create innovative products. The company was founded in 1970 and they created the world’s first twin tank, non-electric and demand operated water softener. Since then they have been constantly striving to be the best in the industry and are the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial water treatments and high-quality domestic products.