Crown Water Softener

£895.00 inc VAT


  • Non-electric twin cylinder softener
  • Runs on water pressure
  • Compact Design

This water softener is one of the best-selling products produced by Harveys. As it features twin cylinders, the softener is able to provide unlimited amounts of softened water into the home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Softeners with one cylinder take time when regenerating, but with two cylinders there are no long pauses where you can’t access soft water. As well as this, the softener is compact enough to be able to fit under the sink without taking up too much space.
If you are a household that has a high demand for water for heating, then this softener could be the one for you. With an unrivalled flow rate of up to 50 litres per minute, it will work well with combination boilers and pressurised systems.

Additional information

Dimensions 46 × 21 × 49 cm

23 litres

Salt Type

Block Salt


Harvey Water Softeners began when Harvey Bowden moved to Surrey, which is known for its hard water. They bought an oversized water softener but didn’t actually install it for some time, but once they did, Harvey realised it could change the water. Soon he started selling water softeners and helped to design a softener that could fit underneath the sink easily. Now, Harveys continues to supply UK households with water softeners to help benefit people’s everyday lives.