Nuwave MD260

£755.00 inc VAT


  • Suitable for large households
  • Electronic metered control valve
  • Compact design

Slightly bigger than the MD160, the Nuwave MD260 is the most compact and efficient softener from the brand, easily fitting under the kitchen sink. It can produce 650 gallons between each regeneration cycle, which is perfect for large families.

This Nuwave water softener features an incredible metered control valve, which adjusts to your water usage and will take care of the machine’s functions automatically. Once installed, you won’t need to worry about a thing.

As it produces more gallons between regenerations than the smaller model, the Nuwave MD260 will need 2.4kg of salt for each regeneration. This allows it to be easily suitable for up to 8 people in the household.

Additional information

Dimensions 50.2 × 27.7 × 62.3 cm


Salt type

Tablet or block salt


Nuwave water softeners cater for small to medium households and help to immediately reduce limescale build up as soon as they are installed. They offer compact and efficient systems that are easy to use by incorporating metered control valves that adjust to your water usage. Not only will there be an improvement in your water, but you will also find there are many cost benefits as well.