Tapworks AD11

£495.00 inc VAT


  • Ideal for larger households
  • Runs on electric
  • Electronic controls

This water softener uses advanced electronics such as the Genius Chip to make it even more efficient on water and salt usage for your home. Recommended for households with up to 7 people, Tapworks AD11 uses a rotary valve to make it robust and reliable.

Due to its compact size, it is easily accommodated in a standard kitchen cupboard under the sink by standing on a plinth. It has a high-flow value and is compatible with both unvented and vented plumbing systems.

Due to being at the upper end of the budget range, Tapworks water softeners are economical to buy and run, as well as having features that are typically found on more expensive models.

Additional information

Dimensions 52 × 29.6 × 65.4 cm

45 litres

Salt type

Tablet salt


Tapworks creates water softeners that are metered to help measure the water used every day within the home, monitoring it from the day it's installed. They have been supplying products for over 20 years and are extremely popular with plumbers due to their reliability and unique Genius electronics. Their water softeners easily connect to the home’s plumbing system to extract minerals from hard water, showing an improvement from the get-go.