Watersprite 70

£649.00 inc VAT


  • Ideal for smaller households
  • Runs on electricity
  • Compact Design

The Watersprite 70 is cost effective and comes in a small and robust package that is perfect for smaller households with 1-3 people. This smaller water softener works by using a gravity hot water system along with a hot water cylinder that is fed from a tank above or a small combination boiler.

There are no confusing elements with the Watersprite 70. As it uses a simple electrical component, the automatic cleaning cycle is initiated at the right time, meaning there is no need for complicated electronics. This makes it perfect for people who may find pushing buttons or flashing lights troublesome. It works simply thanks to a timer for reliable operation.

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Salt type

Tablet Salt


Watersprite aim to make your bathroom or kitchen look less tired thanks to their water softeners. Limescale and hard water can damage pipes and cost a lot of money to fix over time, but they are working hard to help combat this. A Watersprite softener will help to reduce limescale, watermarks, energy bills and even help to alleviate any skin conditions.