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9 x 8KG Packs Harveys Block Salt (2 x 4KG Blocks)

9 x 8KG Packs Harveys Block Salt (2 x 4KG Blocks)

Ref: 079207

To keep everyone supplied with block salt, we're asking you to order just one box of three bags (6 blocks in total) as a temporary measure for your own household. We will not accept multiple orders or orders from unauthorised drop-shippers who seek to re-sell at inflated prices.
Orders for larger out-of-stock quantities will be held until stock is available.

A handy way to receive your Harveys Block Salt. Price includes prompt doorstep delivery throughout the UK mainland. Delivery is normally within two working days of us receiving your order.

Each pack contains two 4kg blocks of salt suitable for any block salt water softener including the Kinetico Mach Series 2020C, the Kinetico Mini Kinetic B and many others.

Why not consider buying in bulk and saving? See our other sizes in the salt section above.

Price: 51.18 (Including VAT at 20%)

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