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AquaBlu Water Softener by Kinetico

AquaBlu Water Softener by Kinetico

Ref: 017105

The AquaBlu is a new mid-range water softener, built using tried and tested Kinetico Water Softener technology in a value-driven package.

Suitable for people looking for a good value introduction to water softeners, or those looking to upgrade from a basic budget electric softener. The AquaBlu is perfect for smaller houses with one bathroom and a standard combi or gravity fed heating system. We also supply the following, free with all sales and installations:

- 15mm standard installation kit
- 5 years parts and labour
- One pack of salt
- Softly washing powder sample pack

or a 22mm High Flow Installation Kit - £47.34 additional cost.

Like other Kinetico products the AquaBlu is non electric and utilises two cylinders to provide constant 100% soft water 24 hours a day. The robust rotor-moulded cabinet is one of the most compact softeners available easily able to fit under a kitchen sink and comes with

- One non-return valve
- One 3.8" to 1/2" adapter
- One bypass valve
- Two wras approved inlet/outlet flexible hoses
- Two inlet/outlet valves
- Two x two metre lengths of 1/2" drain hose

Contact Greens on 01522 509383 to find out more about the AqueBlu Water Softener.

Price: 849.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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