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Minimax M2 Water Softener

Minimax M2 Water Softener

Ref: 019711

The minimax is a great example of a modern high efficiency block salt softener, it has no electric componenents and a twin cylinder configuration meaning the supply of soft water will never be interupted by the water softeners regeneration (the softeners self cleaning process). If one cylinder begins a regeneration cycle the other cylinder will continue to supply soft water.

In any water softener salt never enters your water supply, (click here to watch our video on how water softeners work) it is only used to clean the resin beads and then flushed to drain. The M2 makes use of both cylinder concurrently allowing for higher peak flow rates.

Highly Accurate Metering
The M2 Minimax utilises a unique, highly accurate displacement meter that will measure anything from a dripping tap to a flow of up to 55 litres a minuite. This unique system means that tiny flow rates that can exhaust other softeners without a regeneration cycle, will not cause issues for the M2.

Block Salt
If you have an existing softener you might be familiar with the 25 Kg bags of salt, and how difficult they can be to store and carry. The M2 Minimax uses block salt a simple 4kg block of salt roughly the size of a house brick, (90mm x 270mm), these block are much more convenient to store and move, if you'd struggle lifting a large bag of salt then consider the benefits of a block salt softener like the M2 Minimax. A rough guide for salt usage in an average household would be a block of salt a month per person.

No Electricity or Configuring to Worry About
Older single cylinder water softeners require an electric connection, this is used to power the face plate that controls the softener. These can require configuring and can reset on occasion during a power outage and then need to be re programed, at the very least it's an extra part that can develope a fault and need replacing at some point. When you purchase an M2 from us we will customise your softener with the correct metering disks, for the water hardness in your area, there is nothing you need to do beyond putting in a salt block when needed.

Efficient On Demand Supply
A modern non electric softener like the M2 only works when there is demand, if you don't use any water while your on holiday for a week, then no water passes through the softener. This means no water or salt is used to unnecissary clean the resin, there are no preset regenerations that may or may not be nessisary, and no wasted water or salt.

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