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Pro-Aqua Mini Filter System

Pro-Aqua Mini Filter System

Ref: 029701

Have you ever thought that some bottled water is more expensive than petrol! Our Pro-Aqua Mini Filter System offers endless clean, clear fresh tasting chlorine free water right at the kitchen sink at a fraction of the price. It comes as a simple DIY kit which contains everything you need to install under the kitchen sink with the filtered water delivered through a special drinking water tap. This can be mounted on the sink or through the worktop. The thread on the base of the tap is long enough even for the thickest worktops. The tap operates in two ways. For intermittant use, just press down on the lever. For a continual flow, flick the lever up and water will flow until you move it down. This is a great feature for rinsing salad etc when you want both hands free. All water connections are made using easy reliable push-to-fit connectors. The filter cartridge lasts for 6 months, or 1,550 litres whichever comes first and the standard cartridge costs just £9.99 to replace including postage and packing.

Price: 51.01 (Including VAT at 20%)

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