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Proline Plus 5 Stage R/O system

Proline Plus 5 Stage R/O system

Ref: 026001

Reverse osmosis is a simple, well proven and highly effective process that delivers highest quality water for industry and domestic application worldwide. This system is great at reducing or effectively removing containments from the water like, fluoride, chlorine, lead, heavy metals, bacteria, and many more unwanted containments. This systems is suitable for home use and work environment, especially dental practices for use with dental machine that require pure water.

This is for people who are health conscious. Reverse osmosis systems are based on the natural process used by plants to absorb water from the ground. They separate dissolved substances from the water by forcing it through the membrane which virtually removes all contaminants.

Everything required for the installation is included. Drain saddle for the reject water. Tap for dispensing

5-stage system (5 µm
filtration, GAC carbon,
Block carbon, membrane
and post-carbon). Installation
kit, Fawcett with ceramic valve
and Greenfilter membrane.
Steel tank with plastic

Membrane production:
175 LPD. Water 230 ppm,
15 ºHF, 18 ºC, 2 bar (without
back pressure). Depending
on the characteristics of inlet

R/O Unit: Width: 350mm, Depth: 175mm, Height: 480mm.

Tank dimensiions: Width: 275mm, Depth: 275mm, Height: 350mm.

Price: 149.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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