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Watersource 120 Drinking Water System

Watersource 120 Drinking Water System

Ref: 029120

The WaterSource 120 is our BEST SELLING filter system for under-the-sink domestic use.

The key benefits of this system are - removing unpleasant tastes and odours, discolouration and cloudiness, chlorine, pesticide and herbicide residues, improves tea, coffee and cold drinks.

The sytem comes fully complete including filter, faucet, housing and saddle vale.

This is one of our most highly recomended filter systems. The WS120 is easy to install and can take any 10" drop in filter this means you can go for simple carbon cartridges that give you great fresh tasting water, or go further and opt for cartridges that remove metals, sediment or even bacteria.

(For higher value items such as Water Filters, we have implimented anti fraud measures for any item bought on a card that does not match the delivery address. For more infomation on this, please head to our payments information page)

Price: 127.67 (Including VAT at 20%)

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