British Berkefeld SS Gravity Filter

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  • Available in 40, 60 and 80 litres per day
  • Stainless steel
  • Offers safe drinking water at all times

The British Berkefeld SS Gravity Filter can be used at home, camping or even in an emergency. It is a system that is very popular with aid workers, customers with unreliable pressurised mains or for travellers in remote areas. Easy to transport as the upper chamber can fit into the lower chamber to save space, this filter system comes in 3 different variants.

The 2 candle system version can produce up to 40 litres per 24 hours, the 3 candle systems can produce up to 60 litres per 24 hours and the 4 candle system can produce up to 80 litres per 24 hours. All of the candles are made from ceramic for the removal of bacteria and granular carbon for the removal of bad taste and odours. This filter system doesn’t require electricity or any other drives. The water will flow to the bottom by gravity and come out of the tap.

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40 litres, 60 litres, 80 litres