Pro-Aqua Mini Filter System

£51.01 inc VAT


  • Offers fresh and chlorine-free water
  • The simple DIY kit is included

Lots of people buy bottled water because they hate the taste of their tap water, but the cost of doing this can be very expensive after a while! Instead, why not buy and install the Pro-Aqua Mini Filter System in your home to offer you endless amounts of clean and fresh tasting water through a special drinking water tap. This can be installed on the sink beside your normal tap or through the worktop somewhere else as the thread on the base of the tap is long enough, even when you have a thick worktop.

The tap included can be used in two different ways. For intermittent use, simply press down on the lever, and for continual flow, flick the lever up and the water will flow until the lever is moved down again. If you want to rinse your salad with filtered water, this is a great feature to make use of as you will need both hands free.

Benefits and features include:

  • Water connections made with reliable and easy push-to-fit connectors
  • Filter cartridge lasts for 6 months or 1,550 litres