EcoWater eVOLUTION Boost 400


  • Suitable for larger households and busy families
  • Smart software for low running costs
  • Designed for modern plumbing systems

Part of the Boost range, the EcoWater eVolution Boost 400 is larger than the 300 version with a higher frame. This is perfect for larger families that live in a household with multiple bathrooms. It has a large salt reservoir to account for the higher demand for soft water and offer high flow rates. It can easily handle peak demand for water, but at the same time, it has a slim design so it can fit under the sink easily.

Like with the Boost 300, this water softener comes with standard wi-fi connectivity, as well as features such as the automatic salt level detection and large salt storage. Setting up and using your water softener is extremely easy. Not to mention the running costs will remain low with this efficient and reliable water softener. 

Additional information

Dimensions 51 × 35.5 × 114 cm


Salt type

Tablet salt


EcoWater has been manufacturing water softeners for homes since 1925 and their latest range of eVOLUTION softeners have been manufactured using 95% of their own components in state-of-the-art facilities. They offer a wide range of choices for customers that will provide a long-lasting and efficient solution for having soft water. EcoWater has been at the forefront of water softener innovation, superior reliability and quality for over 90 years and they show no signs of slowing down.