Watersprite 80

£1,195.00 inc VAT


  • Ideal for larger households
  • Runs on water
  • Twin cylinders

The Watersprite 80 is the most popular model produced by Watersprite, as it is non-electric, which will help save money on your electricity bill. It features twin cylinders, which makes it more efficient than it’s single-cylinder counterpart, the Watersprite 70.

This robust and compact water softener can support a household of up to 5 people and multiple showers with a pressurised hot water system. It can easily cope with the high flow rates from a demanding family and accurately measures the slowest trickle.

As it is a twin cylinder softener, the regeneration system will happen automatically and won’t impede on your soft water usage compared to a single cylinder. The cleaning cycle will adjust to the amount of water being used.

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Salt type

Tablet salt


Watersprite aim to make your bathroom or kitchen look less tired thanks to their water softeners. Limescale and hard water can damage pipes and cost a lot of money to fix over time, but they are working hard to help combat this. A Watersprite softener will help to reduce limescale, watermarks, energy bills and even help to alleviate any skin conditions.