About Us

Greens Water Systems have been serving the community of Lincolnshire since 1998. 

Setting the industry standard in water softener installations, developing award winning soft water laundry powder and delivering exacting family values in our business.

Over the last 30 years, our mission at Greens Water Systems has been to improve the lives of our customers by providing soft water solutions for comfort, economy, and environmental reasons.

Friendly, well-mannered and professional; these are just some of the words our customers have used to describe us when they send in their thanks. We often receive calls and thank you notes to tell us how happy they are with the service they received, which tells us we are doing something right.

When people pop into the shop to pick up their salt supply, they will mention how they have been a customer for 10 years or more! It often feels like catching up with old friends. There are even some who have been around for longer.

Greens Water Systems - Senior Management Team

Our senior management teams help keep things running smoothly within the business by constantly checking in with the teams and overseeing everything.

Jeremy Heath:

Managing Director

Jeremy is the Managing Director of Greens and is involved with all aspects of the business on a ground level. You will find him in the main office, working within customer service and advising on technical information. He also enjoys giving demonstrations of all our products and visits numerous shows in the region to reveal the impact a water softener can have. As well as this, Jeremy is also keen on the marketing and sales aspect of the business.

He is a great point of contact for all aspects of the business and is very keen on innovation development within the industry. These industries are responsible for creating a range of in-house brands and products which our customers have a real need for. On another note, Jeremy is the founder of the historical Water Softener Appreciation Society, showcasing his dedication to bringing soft water to the public.

Customer Service Team:

When you call or email us, it is likely you will be speaking with one of the lovely ladies from our customer service team.


Marie is skilled in almost every area the company operates in, but her main focus is mostly on the main office and working in customer service. Another aspect of her role is working on our internet orders and occasionally popping into the warehouse to help out with driving the forklifts, showing she is a well-rounded employee.

When it comes to technology, Marie is a bit of a tech whiz and is always on hand to help when it is needed. As we all know, sometimes things don’t work exactly as they should. In her spare time, Marie loves to crochet and is a lover of the arts and crafts.


Tracey offers her services by working in our admin department as business support and is one of the key customer service representatives. She is dedicated to helping customers on the phone or face to face in the shop, as well as processing all orders and labels. She also covers all our third-party customers and ensures the salt is in stock at all times. Always friendly and welcoming, Tracey strives to give customers the best experience possible by answering any queries they may have and helping them through the process.

When she isn’t working hard in the office, Tracey enjoys baking at home and crochet knitting. She also enjoys spending time with her granddaughter as her family is extremely important to her.


Claire works solely in our finance department as the account’s administrator working with sage and our management systems. She is highly organised and efficient within the office, making sure everything runs smoothly. 


Chelsea is the newest addition to the customer service team at Greens Water Systems and is currently undertaking her apprenticeship. She is learning from some of the best in the business to speak to customers, process orders and print labels ready for delivery.

She is full of energy and is a pleasure to have in the office, always making people smile. At the moment, Chelsea is learning how to drive and is keeping us all updated on her progress.

Technical Team:

Our technical team is made of people who have the knowledge and expertise to inform customers on how they can maintain their water systems, as well as meeting customers to install their softeners.


Lee is our Technical Coordinator and spends his days coordinating tasks, projects and all the employees within the Technical and Warehouse teams. He has been with Greens Water Systems since leaving college after finishing a business intermediate course in 2002. Since then he has completed three additional qualifications in warehousing and distribution, Information Technology and Customer Services Level 3 certification.

There is never a dull moment at Greens thanks to Lee’s charm and wit, who is a self-proclaimed family man and keen gamer in his spare time.


At the start, Reece worked in the warehouse department before transitioning to the technical department to become an expert within the company. Working with Lee and Mel, Reece spends a lot of his time testing our water softeners to ensure they are in working order for new customers, as well as performing repairs for our current customers. 

Out of office hours, Reece loves to play games on his console and is a lover of cars, both classic and modern.

Warehouse and Logistics Team:

The team behind the planning, logistics and distribution.  Our warehouse & logistics team keep everything flowing smoothly.


Jordan works closely with the other members of the warehouse department to ensure all orders are packaged and ready to be shipped out on lorries to meet our customer’s expectations. Jordan is one of our staff members who can operate a forklift to move stock around the yard and load it onto the lorry. You will also find him working in the shop sometimes to greet customers and help them with their queries.


Damo splits his time between the customer service team, the warehouse, and going out on the road. He has a lot of knowledge when it comes to water softeners, often answering the difficult questions customers throw our way. Whenever you run into Damo onsite, he always has a smile on his face and gets along with everyone, often making people laugh.


Olly works closely with Aide and other members of the team in our warehouse department. His days are spent arranging and packing products ready to be shipped out to our loyal customers.