Water Softener Installations

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Setting the industry standard in water softener installations since 1998.

If you’re considering a water softener installation and want absolute confidence with minimum fuss then our home survey is for you…Deliberately planned to share over 30 years of industry knowledge with you in under 60 minutes. Our home survey area covers the East Midlands and Humberside.

Choosing the water softener unit best suit your household requires some technical information to guide your decision. As you would imagine there is a difference in water consumption between a couple and a family of 6! Following that are more subtle specifications such as water pressure and positioning of the rising main.

As a protection for your investment we offer a complimentary home survey. This ensures we rule out unsuitable water softener units for your home and leave you with the confidence to choose a unit based on your needs. Our water softener installations are known for achieving the impossible. Many customers have been very pleased we have finally found them a place for a water softener.

A Technical Survey Includes;

  • Water hardness test which indicates the filtration needs of the softener unit.
  • Full calculations of  your water usage to determine the capacity of the softener.
  • Inspection to determine flow and pressure of your plumbing and heating systems which affects the softeners that are suitable.
  • Identifying possible installation sites which can help determine the outer dimensions of the softener or need for external housing.
  • Fully costed options including installation and all parts based on your preferences and personal style so you know exactly what options are available. 
  • We wouldn't say no to a tea or coffee if they are offered!

What it is not....

  • A commission only salesman travelling from out of the area to make his bread. Our technicians are there to advise on suitable softeners based on your household needs. We know from doing over 5,000 of these home surveys that people ask about budgets so we have those details to hand. You are welcome to use our technician to place an order if you wish.
  • Selling you the benefits of one brand of softener.  As an independent water softener company we have the full UK range of softeners available to us. That means we stock competitors products! We know that each house we visit could have a quirk that puts one feature of one softener over and above another for you.
  • An endless follow up from call centre land. We would love to know that you found benefits in the home survey and we do check up that our technicians have held up to our values. But this will not mean endless follow up calls to ask if you're ready to buy from a call centre miles away.

From a home survey it is a personal choice of water softener unit based on preference for engineering prowess, digital additions and maintenance schedule.

Your engineer will highlight the softeners suitable and outline the range of water softener units for you. He will also advise on installation timescale and professional fitting fees including price match opportunities giving you all the information you need to come to a confident decision.  

Water Softener Installations

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