It’s Time to Experience the Luxury of Soft Water

Water softeners use intelligent engineering so that soft water flows efficiently through every pipe of your home.  

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Introducing Your Local Experts for Quality Water in your Home

Greens Water Systems have been established for over 30 years. Delivering WATER SOFTENER SALT, REPLACEMENT DRINKING WATER FILTERS AND MORE across Britain. We offer expert advice on water softeners and drinking water filter systems. Personal delivery covers our local area of Lincolnshire, East Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire & Leicestershire.

“I’m amazed! All the limescale is gone from our kettle. It’s as if it’s brand new! It’s the honest truth, we were amazed by Greens. When my wife used to have her cup of tea, we had to bleach the cup to get rid of the marks left behind. Now, we don’t need to do that anymore.”
Even Alan’s family noticed the difference when they stayed with them since the fitting took place, with his daughter claiming her hair had never felt cleaner.
“Getting a water softener was the best investment we’ve ever done and we’re trying to convince our neighbours to get one as well!”

Mr. Powell

The Top 3 Questions We Are Asked About Soft Water Systems

What Does A Water Softener Do?

It may sound obvious but a water softener supplies you with soft water. It is responsible for reversing the effects that give our local hard water its limescale legacy and odd flavour. In a nutshell, this means no more water marks, no more lime scale build up on taps and inside heating systems, and you will cut your soap usage to a fraction of its former levels.

Can You Drink Softened Water?

Yes you can, however we always recommend leaving a single tap on hard water in the kitchen. Some people prefer the taste of hard water. Or in very hard areas sodium levels in the water can be less suited to people with heart conditions or on low sodium diets. There are a range of 3 way taps that can provide both soft and hard water through one tap, or a separate filter tap can be installed alongside the softener. There are many options available and should you be interested, we would love to discuss which solution would be best for you.

How Does A Water Softener Work?

Here's the chemistry behind the intelligent design. Water Softeners use ion exchange resin to remove hardness minerals in your water supply. Though you can have hardness of varying severity, there are no degrees of soft water. Once the hardness minerals have been removed you have soft water, and will enjoy the benefits associated.

To make your water supply soft you generally place the softener near to the property's rising main. As the water enters your house, it passes through the softener and filters through a vessel filled with the ion exchange resin. The resin captures the hardness minerals and allows the water to flow through and into your house.

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