Water Quality in Our Local Areas

Water Quality in Lincoln

Lincoln and the County of Lincolnshire are subject to a varying level of very hard water. Some area’s of Lincolnshire, in particular across the Lincolnshire Fens is some of the hardest water in the entire Country.

Lincolnshire’s water supply is managed and treated by Anglian Water and they offer a handy post code search engine for the exact hardness of your water, across the County, which can be found here.

It is surprising how many of Lincolnshire’s long standing inhabitants, still remember water softeners from the earliest models, as childhood memories. It is also an issue that more recent residents are unaware of, or are unaware of the solutions on the market and the affordability of the system selections Greens sell.

Hull Water Quality

Kingston Upon Hull in the East Riding of Yorkshire is supplied by Yorkshire Water, the supply coming mainly from boreholes. There are substantial levels of hardness minerals in mains water across the region including villages like Swanland, Hessle, Anlaby Kirk Ella, West Ella, Willerby, Cottingham and of course the main City of Hull.

Hull has hard water. Over the years, discerning consumers have increasingly sought effective solutions to the problems caused by hard water in and around Hull. Water Softeners have become more commonplace as awareness has risen and substantial cost savings can be made, comfortably beating other household efficiency measures or green technologies based on return on investment. Greens Water Systems have been installing and servicing water softeners in Hull since 1986 and gained an enviable reputation amongst local people for expert advice, quality workmanship and value for money.

For over 25 years we’ve spanned the Humber, serving domestic and industrial customers across the region. Our local knowledge, exemplary customer service and unique satisfaction guarantee continue to make Greens Water Systems your first choice for Water Softeners in Hull. Please get in touch or visit our Hull shop on Anlaby road, Hull.

For any specific information about your exact post code area, we recommend heading to Yorkshire Water (water quality) update website which will update you on any maintenance, issues and general water quality information.

Water Quality across the UK

The UK has varying levels of water quality, dependant on where the area’s water is drawn from.

In general, the Majority of England, will be using a Hard or Hardest Water quality, with Wales and Scotland having a majority of Soft Water.

Here is a map of England and Wales  and a breakdown of the water quality you can expect from these areas.

Lincolnshire Day

Lincolnshire Day is celebrated on the 1st October each year by Lincolnshire people and Lincolnshire Businesses. Greens Water Systems, being a true Lincolnshire Business look forward to supporting Lincolnshire Day on the 1st of October at their showroom in North Hykeham. Lincolnshire Day offers businesses like Greens Water Systems to perfect chance to celebrate all that’s great about our fantastic county and it’s people.

The 1st October is also a very important date in the history of Lincoln. On the 1st October 1911 a new, safe supply of drinking water was first connected to the city along a pipeline from new boreholes near the Nottinghamshire village of Elkesley. Following the wonderful celebration of the Centenary in 2011, Greens Water Systems continues to mark the occasion by declaring the 1st October each year Lincoln Water Day.