The Effects of Hard Water on Skin


As we get older it is important that we take care of our skin. This often means wearing sunscreen when venturing outside and moisturising with our favourite, sometimes expensive, brand of face cream. But what if we told you that the water you use when showering and washing your face can affect your skin? What…

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Food Loves Soft Water

Everybody wants to enjoy their food when they get home from a long day. Most try to eat healthier by cooking at home instead of going out for a meal. While most people will focus on the ingredients being used, they won’t necessarily focus on how water influences the way their food tastes. Hard water…

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Water Quality in Our Local Areas

Water Quality in Lincoln Lincoln and the County of Lincolnshire are subject to a varying level of very hard water. Some area’s of Lincolnshire, in particular across the Lincolnshire Fens is some of the hardest water in the entire Country. Lincolnshire’s water supply is managed and treated by Anglian Water and they offer a handy…

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