The Advantages of Using A Local Registered Dealer


Here at Greens Water Systems, we like to support our local community when it comes to buying products, whether they are edible or not. We love good Lincolnshire sausages with some mash, but we also love using local businesses for our couriers and packaging needs. That is why we will always choose a local registered dealer over large, national businesses. We hope you will do the same when it comes to your water softener.

There are a number of reasons why we think you should use Greens Water Systems for all your water softener needs. Whether it’s for the installation of a water softener or for an order of salt. Below are the 9 guarantees that make a local registered dealer different from large dealers. We will always promise to deliver on them!

Our Guarantees as a Local Registered Dealer

  1. We guarantee you won’t pay a penny extra. Our price promise means we’ll match or beat any other quote on a like for like basis to give you the best deal.
  2. We guarantee we won’t ask you for a single penny in payment for your softener installation. We want to make sure you’re absolutely delighted with it. After all, the customer is at the heart of everything we do.
  3. We guarantee your water softness. If you buy a consumer or premium range softener which we’ve specified for your household, your water will always be soft, It doesn’t matter how much you use.
  4. We guarantee scale removal. Our softened water will remove scale in your kettle within 6 weeks of normal use, from your heat exchanged within 6 months and from your pipework within 2 years. We guarantee the gradual dissolving of the existing scale will not cause leaks or blockages.
  5. We guarantee cost savings. Using softened water in your household will save more than 50% in soaps and cleaning products overall. This will reduce your domestic hot water energy costs consistent with the findings of the Battelle report.
  6. We guarantee your water softener: We offer a 5-year on-site labour warranty from the date of installation. This is in addition to the manufacturer’s parts warranty or for the duration of any rental agreement. Here at Greens, we handle everything on behalf of the manufacturer so there’s no need for you to ever phone ‘call centre land’.
  7. We guarantee your Heat Exchanger. We can guarantee the heat exchanger in your boiler for life against failure due to corrosion. This is provided that it’s supplied with softened water from one of our softeners. This is in addition to any warranty, guarantee or service agreement you may have with the manufacturer or service provider.
  8. We will guarantee your installation. All our installation work is fully guaranteed for 1 year, parts and labour.
  9. We guarantee to run our business in a fair, ethical and accountable way consistent with our mission, vision and values. We know our reputation is our future!

Want to Know More?

Are you interested in learning more about water softeners and how one can benefit your home? Visit our Water Softener Installation page to learn more about our home survey or give us a call today on 01522 509383.